Left Coast Electrical Services

electrical services

Calling and dealing with an electrician for every issue that arrises at your property can be a costly and time intensive endeavor. That’s where Left Coast Construction Services comes in. Our team of professional electrical contractors cannot only troubleshoot and fix any electrical issue that arises at your property – we can also provide routine maintenance to help stop problems before they start. Keeping regular tabs on the electrical systems of your property helps to keep your tenants happy and your property safe.

What electrical services do we provide?

We provide a full suite of electrical services for both the interior and exterior of your property.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Change loose and non-working outlets and switches
  • Replace faulty wiring
  • Add 220 plugs for appliances
  • Repair and upgrade service panels
  • Add, move, or repair light fixtures
  • Add or improve outdoor lighting
  • Add security lights and entryway lighting

If you need any sort of electrical service for your property we’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a line on our Contact Page or give us a call at (541) 603-7700